More Than Just Hugs: Keeping Kids Happy In the Midst of Allergies

By Kylee Harris

Allergies in children are definitely more prevalent today than they were 20 years ago, according to Adam Fox, a consultant paediatric allergist at St. Thomas Hospital. Signs and symptoms that come within the territory of allergies can be challenging for children to bear. With the amount of allergies becoming increasingly widespread, it would be highly prudent for parents to be aware of how allergies may affect the health and happiness of their child. How can you help your child remain comfortable and happy in the midst of allergies?

Identify the Triggers

If you want to help your child during allergy seasons, identifying the triggers of your child’s allergy should be on the top of your priorities. Take your child to see their paediatrician to determine once and for all what sort of allergy they have to narrow down the triggers. Allergic rhinitis is often triggered by pet fur, airborne pollen, dust mites, and mould. When you learn the cause of your child’s allergy, planning the methods to alleviate the child’s symptoms will be much easier.

Allergic rhinitis is often triggered by pet fur, airborne pollen, dust mites, and mould.

Utilise Medication Appropriately

Seasonal allergies often show themselves through prominent symptoms like sneezing, rashes, and watery eyes, to name a few. Your child’s paediatrician may prescribe intranasal decongestants that will help to unblock a stuffy nose. If your child’s allergy symptoms cause them to be too uncomfortable, it helps to use medication as needed. Be sure to ask your child’s doctor what signs to look out for that may require immediate medical attention. Make sure that you read the instructions for the proper application so that you may ease your child through the process and offer them relief.

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