My Journey of Awareness and Healing

Marie Freeman

By Marie Freeman

I’m a natural parent living a natural life here at Waihi Beach. A naturist, wholistic energy worker, intuitive reflexologist and accredited practitioner of The Journey (the cellular healing method sweeping the world for the last 24 years with its emotional release, physical healings and soul awakening). I have been supporting the discovery and wisdom in the gifts we receive, consciously or unconsciously from our life’s experiences. Particularly our child-birthing experiences, since I was taken on my own inner “Journey” about 19 years ago.

This “guided introspection” revealed that what I had stored in my cellular memories was causing destructive consequences in my physical being and emotional and mental perceptions. That this was actually shaping my beliefs, flowing out to become my habitual behaviours. It’s the reality of the “issues in my tissues”! (See Biology of Belief,

So much healing happened immediately. Unbelievably at the time, but continues effortlessly to this day. Only now I have trust in our innate self-healing abilities. That Journey transformed my life and awakened the vast library of human wisdom available in my DNA. Sounds deep – it was, beautifully deep! But I know many of us are gently deepening on a path of self inquiry. We long to re-discover our intuitive powers and instinctive essence of self-love and knowing to feel fully whole and at home in ourselves.

My journey of awareness in the last 21 years of motherhood and working with emotional release, addressed many of my relationships. Especially with myself, releasing my cells from those “held” pains and conditioned reactions with a deep understanding, compassion and forgiveness of “holding” it all in.

As natural born nurturers, it can take years to devote any real time or awareness to admit, acknowledge, understand and release pain from our past. Probably by perfect timing and design, because in our human development, willingness to “grow up” and gain wisdom usually comes with age on reflection and a deeper calling “to know”.

It all began when my liver and kidneys started shutting down in 1997 and the hospital delivery team were adding up all my symptoms, including pre eclampsia, the pemphigoid gestationis rash all over my body, (they didn’t know that name then) – all amounting to H.E.L.L.P syndrome, and mother and baby nearly didn’t survive. With an induced, very gorgeous but lean baby boy, blood platelets that weren’t clotting and a cathether inserted, I was bed-ridden for nearly 10 days. A rough start, very traumatic indeed!

It was surreal. Then a numbing happened to the trauma. I came home with no time to even process that trauma. I just hit the ground running, trying the best I could for this fragile new baby and the trauma was buried-ish!

So with an under-active thyroid that developed, weirdness happening in my entire physical and emotional body and postnatal depression lingering, I put out a strong message to the universe to feel better, to heal naturally. I felt there was a missing link in how to really self-heal, until I saw an article in the Rainbow News magazine and it struck me as this lost link. My heart and soul sped up, guiding me to follow this intuition. Brandon  Bays, a New Yorker, was sharing her story of having healed from a life-threatening basketball-sized uterine tumour, completely releasing it in just six and a half weeks. She saved her own life and developed this emotional/physical release method she was teaching. I was ALL in!

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