My Journey of Awareness and Healing

That weekend, what I did with Brandon in Christchurch healed my thyroid and released trapped emotional pain about my parents’ divorce since I was 11 years old. This “plug” in my throat chakra (an energy centre for voicing self expression) had never been acknowledged and now it was open and emptied. It was liberating and energizing. The thyroid sprung from under- to over-active in three days, then resumed balance for the next 19 years. 

I continued to apply The Journey to my liver and kidneys and more emotional pain poured out related to my parents’ divorce. This emptied what teen drinking was trying to suppress. Back then, no amount of alcohol seemed enough to relieve my pain so I drank high volumes of strong spirits hoping for relief, with very little ever taking the edge off. In those healing journeys I was shown the physical damage done to my organs, my body and my self esteem from those toxins. 

The Journeys uncovered the fairytale parts of me, that since I was little imagined having my children with both my parents’ support. What arose was anger, grief and total nonacceptance of the present relationship with my dad. Showing how the emotional conflict between us had reacted in my body, resulting in physically manifesting “H.E.L.L.P” syndrome. It was quite literally a cry for HELP to deal with my overwhelming sadness and unresolved emotions as they inevitably purged from my organs and cells while being squished during pregnancy as I grew this wee human inside me. (See Molecules of Emotion

My birthing experience took place while this energy and chemistry flooded and affected my body and my mind. I truly struggled and triumphed the best I could, with a strong survival instinct and will to live. Ultimately gaining insight into myself, my individual inner world and the bigger picture emerging.

It showed me that “birth trauma” isn’t primarily about the “luck of the draw, the cards you are dealt” on the day. But that the contributing factors related to your unfolding delivery and ultimate birth story, or trauma for many of us, are set into motion your whole life by what experiences remain unresolved, shaping your beliefs and health in the years leading up to bringing a new life into the world through your body.

I am available to empower your self-healing. Namaste.

To get in touch with Marie Freeman, phone 07 863 1397 or 021 163 1699. You can find her on Facebook at Inner Space, life support for the soul conscious and inner child.

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