Call of the child

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By Megen Hibbins

You got to ask yourself, why would anyone be crazy enough to homeschool, in fact, I think most people want to know why wouldn’t you send your children to school, they need socialization….

Homeschooling children have many different facets to it, most superficial, but the ones that go deeper are the ones that I would like to talk about.

But first, how about we get the most common thoughts out there for discussion.

How are your children socialized?

They are socialized the same way your children are, with other kids of course. The difference is that they see a larger variety of kids and adults than their building school counterparts. They also travel to many different places to see their fellow homeschoolers and do activities that their counterparts don’t get the chance to do very often.

How do your children learn all the subjects they need to survive in the world we live in today?

Well, again the same as their in-school counterparts, they do set lessons (some by schools other by parents, depending on the schooling system used). Our children go through Nepsode (North East Public School of Distance Education) .

Why would you want to have your children around ALL THE TIME, it can’t be healthy?

Hmm, you know this question really gets me both confused and a little vexed, I usually have to ask, why did you have children again? The truth is it is healthy for the children to learn from their parents, they learn how to socially interact, behavioral practices and how to live within the world that we do.

They get this along with the love and support of their family and community as they travel through the homeschooling educational system. Our children have been offered to go to school (yes, they have been inside a school before) and they have asked to stay with homeschooling. This isn’t because they feel pressured to stay, but because they genuinely love to be at home and with us.

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