New Year’s Resolutions: Look to Children for Inspiration

Photography: Myrtle and May Photography

By Sally Saint

As we all step further and further into the New Year, let us all take a really good look at our children and be inspired by their example.

In the illusionary world of differences, our children remind us all the time about the absolute contrast of this supposed fact. For the children unaffected by the opinions of society and others, they only see unity.

It is with great hope that I am blessed to witness with my own child, and others’ children, the absolute beauty of the unrestricted mind. The acceptance of all, no matter what someone looks like, what colour they are, what bank balance their family has… they see no differences, so why do we?

We all have had seeds planted in us, yes by the voices of others or the societal wave of blanket opinions that surround us. BUT it is us that chooses to let this seed grow and affect our lives and our opinions of others.

My child’s total acceptance of all reminds me every single day of the state I originally had and came into this world with…

Everyday I walk this earth, every day I learn and pray. On a recent visit to a ten pin bowling centre with my son and other family members where we went to partake in this fun activity, there were music videos being played on screens next to the bowling screen showing how many pins were being knocked down.

What surprised me as I watched, was how all the women looked the same in the music videos. All wore similar clothes, similar hair, similar makeup, and it made me open up the door to what I had absorbed on the view of women.

I grew up with similarly dressed role models in movies, videos and the like and I now see that I absorbed and accepted that the attractive women looked like this and that also I should. Yet perfection and the desire to be the same as others is not the truth of who we are and where we come from. The seed I took in has shown itself and it is now time to let that one go, by changing my own mind.

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