Dad Updates Autistic Daughter’s Report Card With Top Grades

When Shane Jackson’s daughter came home from school distraught, with a report card of all Ds, he knew exactly what to do.

Sophie, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was in tears as she told her dad she felt she’d “let everyone down”.  So what did this ace daddy do?

He focussed on what really matters, and made up his own report card.

This time with straight As. She even got A+ for Imagination and Best Daughter Ever! Now if that doesn’t cheer you up, what will?

Shane has had plenty of support on his post, from people all around the world praising his sweet parenting, and his daughter Sophie is feeling supported too from all the love!

Makes you wonder about report cards and standardised testing, doesn’t it? We all have our innate gifts, that are not always easy to box up and put a fancy A+ grade on, even when your child tries really hard. Just because they get a terrible report card does NOT mean they are not worthy, not skilled, not talented, not knowledgeable. They may not fit into that kind of educational model, that’s all!

How wonderful that this dad immediately recognised this, and showed his daughter (and the world) that Sophie has many other great skills. Way to go, dad!

In fact, after all the positive comments, Sophie was set up with her own Twitter account to share her artwork. She went ahead and made her own report card for her dad in response – arguably the best bit of this whole story:

So – he only got a C for “wrestles me” and a B for being funny, but it’s that last one that counts, right?!

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