Nourishing Your Soul, Your Skin and It’s Sustainable

Luna and Beau

Wanting to nourish her newfound motherhood and wanting ethical products for her family, Priscilla McGarrigle founded of Luna and Beau. There are a range of conscious, ethical and local beauty, home, wellness and baby products available from Luna and Beau. Priscilla has taken the mental load out of choosing soul-full, sustainable products for all the family.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

After having my first child Luna, I struggled.

Having a child is so rewarding but also intensely demanding. 

I wanted the very best for my child and wanted to give her the best possible support I could. I endured late nights, early mornings and was multi-tasking and juggling hard – trying to squeeze everything in and be the best mother I could be. Eventually, I realised I had completely forgotten to look after myself.

My energy and body were so depleted that everything else in my life started to suffer too. I was physically and mentally exhausted – my soul was tired.

With depleted energy and an undernourished soul, I came to see that I couldn’t possibly give my daughter or my partner my very best if I couldn’t look after myself. With that as my motivation, I launched myself into a quest of self-care to improve the quality of our family’s life.

Through this journey, I started making different choices, questioning where my products came from? What was in it? Who made it? Who am I supporting by making this purchase? How will this purchase affect my family? How will this purchase affect someone else’s family?

Changing my values also changed my life and my headspace. I loved the idea of simplifying my life through minimalist principles and ensuring that everything I had was there to add quality and value to my life.

I looked to nature for inspiration, it thrives grows and supports us – chemicals and toxins destroy. I wanted to create a store that would help the environment and its people – not harm them.

Luna and Beau reflect these values I care so deeply about. It’s for mums just like me who don’t have the time or the energy to ask these hard questions. That all the research has already been done so they can make better choices helping people find wellness in making better choices for the environment and for themselves.

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

I started off by contacting all the brands that I had used, loved and believed in that made my life easier as a mum and went from there. I researched each product investigated the ingredients. Found out where it was made and who the company was that made it. I started to create a collection of essential items I couldn’t live without, that assisted me in finding wellness and that I thought would help others.  I started promoting the products through Instagram. Before I knew it, I had launched a web page to go with it

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

My most significant breakthrough was pushing through with the business even though many people doubted me. For some reason, I had this drive that pushed me past the external white noise, I just kept moving forward. People would tell me it wouldn’t work, and I would say thank you for your opinion. Then I would go straight home and work on my business. I leant to believe and have faith in myself, and once I overcame my fear, things started to really move in the right direction. Just after launching my site, I remember waking up one morning and seeing an influx of positive feedback in my inbox. It really validated my business idea that it was adding value. It’s about being able to help, simplify and add quality to people’s lives, that’s what makes me happiest.

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