Mother’s Water Birth Sparks Own Journey as a Birth Educator and Advocate


Hello, I am Kate, owner of Aquabub, mother of three, and qualified birth educator.

It was the water birth of my first baby in 2007 that sparked my passion for birth and inspired me to study towards a Diploma of Birth Education. Since graduating, I have taught hundreds of expectant parents in my practice, and my enthusiasm for birth and my experience as a birth educator led me to Aquabub.

I am an eager advocate when it comes to women’s choices in childbirth and in the childbearing years, and I feel very fortunate to be able to play a small part in helping families to plan for the birth of their baby.

As a birth educator, I have had the privilege of attending many births where I have been able to support women and their families as they welcome their new baby. This, along with my experience as a birth educator has given me an insight and depth of knowledge that I believe really gives Aquabub the leading edge for customer care and product knowledge.

Kate Harris – Aquabub owner

About Aquabub:

Established in 2007, Aquabub is New Zealand’s original birth pool specialist.

Aquabub has always specialised in providing premium quality birth pools to women throughout New Zealand. Now women can also hire a top-quality obstetric TENS as another option for non-medical pain relief. Please visit the Hire page to view Aquabub’s selection of pools and TENS machines.

Immersion in water during labour is well known for reducing pain, increasing relaxation and a sense of privacy, and assisting in more comfortable position changes for the labouring woman. Birth pools are Aquabub’s most popular item and tend to be booked out months in advance.

TENS is another popular option for women who are aiming to avoid medical pain relief during labour. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a safe, drug-free method of pain relief which has been used effectively by labouring women for the last several decades and can be used during your home, hospital, or birth centre birth.

Aquabub is committed to providing only the best quality pregnancy, labour, and breastfeeding essentials. Please visit to view the full range.

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