Organically Happy or Chemically Frustrated! Which Are You???

By Megen Hibbins

Are people that eat organic really happier and healthier than their chemical food-loving relatives? Are we just kidding ourselves into believing that organic is better while still sucking in the chemicals in the environment daily??

Living a chemical-free lifestyle out of the city may be very different from living organically within city limits. We choose to live chemical free so that we are healthier, happier and more energetic in our lives, yet being a chemical-free, organic-loving hippy in a city seems to be an oxymoron.

How can we be anti-chemical while living in the chemical-filled air that is the cities of today?

With the big companies pushing consumerism and car manufacturers telling us that we need the newest model, how can we really free ourselves from the chemical lifestyle that the city keeps us in.

Chemical living in the city is like an addiction that you have had NO choice in participating in. In fact, most of us have been born into the city/town lifestyle and don’t know another way.

Without the introduction of farmers markets in towns, people would believe that the food they eat still comes in packaging. Let’s face it, most kids think that meat comes pre-packed, veggies all look like that in the shop and milk just comes in cartons.

SPOILER ALERT — Some buy the products they sell you from the markets in the city and call it farmer fresh.

How do we avoid the chemical roundabout and are we really organically happy???

Our family contains 6 souls, 35 chickens, 280 beehives, 1000s of worms, 2 goats, a dog, and is soon to get two little piglets. We also have veggie gardens and an ever-expanding fruit grove that we tend to organically with the worm compost that we tend to daily.

Four of the little souls in this home are homeschooled and learn the principles of pollination, growth, regeneration and farming daily (along with the usual school stuff).

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