Organically Happy or Chemically Frustrated! Which Are You???

We keep our gardens watered from the river that we pump from and have rainwater for everything else. Our home is TOTALLY off-grid and that means that we only get the usual phone, internet, rates and refill gas bills that are a must in our lives.

The children take great pleasure in raiding the gardens every morning after breakfast for the new beans, peas, strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes that have ripened overnight. They understand that we need to keep the soil moist and fed so that the produce has the same amazing taste every day.

So, are we organically happy?

We most certainly are. In fact, we are increasing the garden space so that we can add more veggies and hopefully a yummy blueberry patch, and we are also now able to share with our neighbours the amazing produce we grow.

Our neighbours have gone from thinking that I was a gardening hippy to letting me know what veggies they love so that I am able to plant them as well as our own favourites.

We love our organically free lifestyle and enjoy the involvement of friends and family and our little gardeners. The gardening of fruits and veggies and chickens and bees have brought a closeness to our family, that has helped us become better parents and gives the children a chance to learn and grow their own organically fresh foods.

Teaching children about gardening is only as hard as your lack of passion towards the process. Children are the future of this world, so the more we teach them about sustainability and living organically now the better the future of the world is going to be…

Megen Hibbins, The free-spirited hippy mother, writer, homeschooler, traveller, off grid liver, blogger and vlogger. Living totally off-grid in the Australian bush with beekeeper husband and children aged 7, 6, 5 and 2 that are homeschooled. Megen is a passionate writer, vlogger, homeschool advocate and lifestyle freedom and earth-loving activist. She writes twice a week on her blog whilst working with her husband and children on the things that need doing. To contact her head to her blog or subscribe to the Yoga Hippies YouTube channel.

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