Why Feeling Understood is Important For Your Wellbeing

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By Sabrina Scalfari

It has been argued that one of the basic functions of human emotion is to create bonds with others. Feeling valued, appreciated, loved and understood, is a sign that our bonds with other people are intact and that our welfare matters. The sheer pleasure of hearing an “I love you” signifies the great value the brain places on our bonds.

I feel loved in bucketloads, but this week I’m not feeling particularly understood, by anyone. And so I tasked myself with writing my own manifesto. I very rarely sit to reflect on me. Just me. Most times it’s done in brief moments as I’m making lunches for the next day, or when I’m in the shower before my privacy is highjacked by the rest of the family. So here’s what came of a bit of self-reflection today:

I’m in love with…

My most precious cargo; my children and my partner. Everything that matters to me now extends from our inner circle.

It is important to me…

That my boys love life – that their compassion, interests and inquiries take them to the corners of the world. That I raise children who find value in experiences and connections, over things.

I am trying…

To nourish my own growth. Setting goals to do new things and push myself to sense and respond to what the world has to offer, rather than trying to control what happens.

See next page for the rest of the manifesto…

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