Places of Family Happiness

Without the downtime for our brains, we become unsettled, irritable and snappy.

This is why finding the places you can go as a family is so important. Family connections are parts of relationships too. Everyone talks about maintaining your marriage/relationships with communication, yet nothing is ever mentioned about the connections constantly being lost within the family.

I speak to families every day over the Internet, on my YouTube channel and blog, and so many don’t register that the family relationship has to be maintained as well as their relationship. Most people are under the assumption that if their relationship is good then the family’s connection is perfect.

When you have a closer look at this you can see that without the constant communication and protection of the family you lose the connections that you built up when your children were young.

A family unit needs to be nurtured in every way and just as much as the couples union. I ask people I speak to if they know the favourite colours of their children, favourite toy, book, place, best friend, etc. No matter how old your children are, they are what make the family a family and the connection between them and you needs maintaining as much as the connection between you and your partner.

What I recommend to people who ask me how to find these PLFs and how to increase the connections they have with the family, is to sit down and make a list. The whole family gets to show what they love and we can find out who loves what. This is the quickest way to find out if you all have a common PFH that you can use as a family getaway.

Enjoy finding your places of family happiness and start to spend some quality time reconnecting with those you love the most, your family.

Megen Hibbins, the free-spirited hippy mother, writer, homeschooler, traveller, off grid liver, blogger and vlogger. Living totally off-grid in the Australian bush with beekeeper husband and children aged 7, 6, 5 and 2 that are homeschooled. Megen is a passionate writer, vlogger, homeschool advocate and lifestyle freedom and earth-loving activist. She writes twice a week on her blog whilst working with her husband and children on the things that need doing. To contact her head to her blog at or subscribe to the Yoga Hippies YouTube channel at

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