Postnatal Recovery For New Mums

By Simone de Cunha

Many new mums, like I was, are either overwhelmed with information about breastfeeding (told to “scoff cheese” so I had enough milk), baby sleeping patterns, healthcare choices, etc, or completely underwhelmed with what to do about the newfound disconnect within their own bodies and at times, complete and utter isolation.

Here’s how it goes…

You fall pregnant and there is all the excitement about this growing bump, decisions to make about this miracle growing within you, advice to steer clear of shellfish (I learned that lesson the hard way, 5 weeks pregnant and overloaded with mussel fritters). The impending birth arrives and it’s all birth plans or decisions about medical intervention. So much emphasis leading in, and then POW it all changes.

This is followed by a 6-week postpartum rummage around to ensure everything’s healing, and goodbye. The issue of postnatal recovery, diastasis recti and a gaping pouch are simply what we must deal with in our own private little worlds. Underwhelming? You bet!

It’s my experience in the years working with prenatal and postnatal mums, general or rehab, that little or no importance is given to treating the body with a specific, targeted, after-bubba program – so that regular activities can become the norm without hindrance.

In fact, we need to be stronger than before, because there is simply so much more lifting: babies, capsules and strollers. It’s endurance training to the maximum.

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