Be Prepared: The Essential Hospital Bag

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Disposable Nappies

Even if you plan to go down the cloth route, it’s worth packing a few disposable nappies to give yourself a break during those first days, especially as washing cloth nappies in hospital could be a challenge!

Little Genie are a small, NZ brand whose nappies are engineered from as many compostable and biodegradable materials as possible (approximately 65% of nappy by weight). The nappies have been tested by burying them in a soil environment and measuring the weight over prolonged periods of time. The results showed that approximately 50% of the nappy by weight had degraded within 180 days, compared to other leading brands that showed no signs of degradation whatsoever.

The bio-wipes are worth a looking at as well: made from biodegradable bamboo, they are cloth-like and super-soft on your baby’s skin.
Cloth Nappies

If you’re feeling confident, have done this all before, or have someone who will launder them: then go ahead and pack those cloth nappies.

Bitti Bums have a wonderful selection of designs from pink florals to military khaki; cartoon dogs to cherries. Charlie Banana One Size nappies are an easily adjustable pocket nappy, fitting from newborn right up to a 16kg toddler, so you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

They have a light, waterproof outer and are lined with extra-soft, lightweight fleece to wick moisture away from baby’s delicate skin. Being a pocket nappy, they have an opening at the front, creating a ‘pocket’ to stuff absorbent inserts into. Finally, with two super-absorbent microfibre inserts – one in small size and one in medium/large size – which you can either use together or separately, the nappies adjust to heavier night time usage.

Breast Pads

Depending on your milk supply, leaky boobs may be an issue in the first few weeks whilst your body gets used to providing your newborn with exactly the amount of milk that he needs.  Little Genie make disposable, biodegradable breast pads in super-soft bamboo viscose. For an even more eco-friendly option, look to Emma Hall Design for reusable pads.

Ema’s Boutique breastpads are not bulky and sit comfortably inside your nursing bra.

These pads contain 3 layers: a PUL waterproof layer, a thirsty inner layer of microfibre and a layer of microfleece which sits nicely against your skin, all overlocked together to create a lovely reusable breastpad. Breastpads measure 12cm in diameter. They come flat but will mould to your breast with wear. And once used just place in a lingerie bag and wash on either a cold or warm cycle and line dry.

Your Favourite Toiletries

Hand creams, luxury soap, face creams: treat yourself although keep the strong scents to a minimum. Your newborn will want to smell mum to help her bond with you, not a synthetic, sickly sweet deodorant!

Birth Wrap Dress

Ah, the scratchy, backless hospital gown horror. When you’re in full labour, do you really want to be asking ‘does my bum looks big in this?’.  Womama’s Birth Wrap Dress, in super-soft organic cotton, is a comfortable and practical solution. It’s specifically designed for labour and birth. Luxurious to wear but easy to move and be monitored in, the wrap style also allows for quick and easy access for skin-to-skin contact once your baby is born.   Last but not least don’t forget your toothbrush and a few pairs of knickers!

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