My Passion for Education for Empowerment and Wellbeing

Serenity to Flourish

By Rozalind Neil

Creating space and opportunities for holistic education

I have been passionate about women’s wellbeing since I started training as a midwife in 2000 and I was introduced to the amazing benefits of aromatherapy for labour and birth. My business is built on the foundations of my strong desire to help women to tune into themselves, and explore what uniquely helps them to find serenity, to be empowered and to flourish.

My unique brand Serenity to Flourish, was creatively birthed from my discovery of holistic therapies, meditation and mindfulness, and my passion for holistic education. My inner drive and motivation inspired me to be innovative in creating my own brand and bespoke services to share my synergy of personal and professional knowledge, and skills that I have developed over 2 decades. I have 2 main branches to my services – my main offerings are for ALL women, and I have a dedicated website and Instagram for pregnancy & motherhood services.

My vision is to create face-to-face and virtual spaces for women to experience serenity to flourish with therapies, coaching and education. I believe that when women create space for themselves, whether physically or in the mind, it helps them to tune into inner peace, calmness and serenity.

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Serenity is within you, but it needs space to find you!

If you are connected to your inner serenity, and feel empowered to make informed choices, this is magic! Believe in yourself, be true to your values and inner truth and learn about how you can optimise your wellbeing and happiness, and increase your self-esteem. Having a positive mindset and inner peace can bring about changes in your wellbeing. I’ve been empowered by the knowledge I’ve gained from my educational achievements and I love to share that with women, to give them confidence and empower them to enhance their wellbeing.

My love for learning and my own journey of empowerment

I’ve trained in Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and Angelic Reiki Levels1 & 2 and I have a Diploma in Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). I have Level 3 VTCT professionally recognised qualifications in: Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Reflexology and Crystal therapy and Level 3 VTCT Health and Safety. I’ve gained Certificates in positive psychology, hypnotherapy, spiritual life coaching, divine feminine studies and Bach flower remedies.

I have a BSc (Hons) Midwifery, a Certificate for Teaching in the life-long learning sector and an MSc degree in Education. I am passionate about holistic therapies and enthusiastic about teaching and I have focussed these combined interests, knowledge and experience into creating pre-recorded virtual courses for women’s wellbeing.

I have written, recorded and published 15 online courses to nurture, empower and inspire women. My mini “Discovery Journeys” teach about holistic therapies at home, for self-compassion and holistic self-coaching techniques to help women find serenity to flourish. I also have bite sized courses on resilience and optimising mental health. My “Deepening Wonder” courses explore: aromatherapy, mindfulness, meditation and visualisation. I have a bespoke Birthing Goddess course for inspiring and motivating women to be empowered for birth with holistic knowledge and research-based information. These are pre-recorded self-discovery journeys that can be downloaded directly from the education pages of my main website and pregnancy-specific website.

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