Protecting and caring for baby’s delicate skin, naturally.

Babies’ skin is five times thinner than adults’, so it absorbs externally applied substances more quickly and reacts more sensitively. Your newborn’s skin is still developing. And because the sweat glands are not yet fully formed, the little body struggles to regulate its heat balance independently.

Babies need a warming, protective covering after birth. And not only with natural, breathable materials used to cover and clothe the baby’s skin, but also particularly gentle skincare products and loving skin-to-skin contact. Your little one learns a lot about the world through the skin. With each touch, a baby finds a new point of reference in this new life.

A question of ingredients

Because babies’ skin is special, care products need to be specially adapted to their needs. Few, high quality natural ingredients including plant oils are ideal. The composition of plant oils resembles the composition of the skin’s hydrolipid layer, therefore blends into the natural protective film on the skin, so no sealing coat is created. This means the delicate skin can breathe and develop, while being protected.

Weleda Calendula and White Mallow Baby Care products only contain high quality ingredients and are 100% certified natural, by Natrue, so you can trust they are truly natural, enjoying peace of mind knowing your baby’s skin is being protected and effectively cared for, with all the goodness of nature.

What kind of care does your baby’s skin need?

In the first few months, it is important not to overdo the products used on your baby’s skin. Also, one bath a week is sufficient in the first few months, and on other days you can wash your baby with a damp soft flannel. After washing or bathing, use Calendula Body Lotion to protect your baby’s skin and provides it with moisture.

The area covered by nappies is the most sensitive part of the body. The warm, damp environment is a challenge for the developing skin and can encourage the growth of bacteria. At each nappy change, it’s good for the skin to be cleaned with warm water, a soft cloth and then cared for with a few drops of Calendula Baby Oil. Allowing your baby to move about for a few moments with the nappy region uncovered is also good for the skin.

When should I start bathing my newborn?

It’s good that in many places, babies are no longer bathed straight after being born. Gently removing blood and fluids is sufficient. And it is important not to remove the vernix, the special cheese-like white substance, from the skin. When a baby comes into the world, loving skin-to-skin contact is vital. In the first hours, a strong bond develops between parents and children.

A good time for the first bath is when the rest of the umbilical cord falls off. Before that it’s really enough to wash your baby daily with a damp flannel and some oil in any wrinkles, on the nappy area, hands and face. After the first week, parents also become more confident in handling their newborn, so the first bath can be carried out in more relaxed conditions.

Calendula Cream Bath containing sweet almond and sesame oils for their warming qualities, keeps skin smooth and supple, protecting it from moisture loss. Calendula extract helps soothe the skin. Overall, this is the perfect bath for children of any age.

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