Keep Your Little One Warm During Sleep Time this Winter

By Love To Dream™. Products only available in Australia. 

Cooler temperatures are on the way, so now is the time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your little ones warm this winter.

It’s a challenge most parents of young children face. The cooler weather can interrupt established sleep routines and have parents tearing their hair out trying to work out how to keep their child warm and comfortable.

While we all know that keeping your little one warm is important, let’s not forget how important it is to make sure your child feels comfortable. Children who are not happy with their sleepwear and bedtime routine are more likely to resist going to sleep, may wake up more and unfortunately for parents who need their sleep, protest throughout the night.

Blankets, for instance, are not the most comfortable way to keep your child warm, as some children don’t like being tucked in tightly, while others may wake up when they get twisted in loose blankets and are unable to change position.

It’s also worth considering that blankets are not the safest way to keep your child warm, as they can easily cover your child’s face, or fall off in the night and leave your child cold.

So, with that in mind we have created two types of sleep garments, both with a ‘built in’ quilted blanket and long sleeves, for the two types of children.

The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT 2.5 TOG – With built-in feet, for kids that move around a lot:

The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT™ 2.5 TOG is for little wrigglers, who are always on the go. It’s a onesie sleeping bag that allows for additional mobility & freedom, making it a safer, more versatile alternative for your little mover & shaker.

It has built-in legs and feet to allow your child to move safely around their sleep space. It has long sleeves to keep your little one’s arms warm and mesh vents under the arms for increased airflow and better temperature control.

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