How to Really Love Your Sagging Post Baby Belly Skin

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My little experiment

My second time around, losing my baby weight was strangely different. I had done a lot of personal development, I had coaches and had been in group coaching. I approached it with so much more self-love. I was low key, I didn’t berate myself, I was patient, I was compassionate and I was not letting any “shoulds” get in the way of my current bliss. I was also coaching women on self-love, so that was also encouraging me to be more loving toward myself.

One day I looked at the giant tub of vitamin E lotion that was sitting next to the sink. I had gotten it with the hopes of helping my skin back in the day after Olivia. Or was it Charlotte? Not sure. But I opened the lid and took a sniff. Hey, smells normal. So I grabbed a glob of it and stood in front of my bathroom mirror, lifted up my shirt and started saying out loud, “Thank you skin so much for stretching when I needed you to. Thank you so much for not cracking painfully but going above and beyond. You made it possible to carry my two precious babies. I appreciate it so much. But I got them now and they are grown. I don’t need you anymore, you can go back.” I had heard this technique described by Torrie Pattillo (my coach, friend and an amazing spiritual guide), who gave credit to Wayne Dyer.

It felt good, and it was also nice to recognize what my body did for me. Not focus on what I “should” look like in a bikini (I wore a bikini after each baby by the way, nope, not gonna waste all that money I handed to Victoria for her secret) and just being happy with all the prosperity in our lives. We got our loving happy family. I was so lucky to wake up to two girls running around, screaming in delight while they chased each other up and down the house.

So I started doing this daily. I was feeling better each time, leaving the bathroom with a smile on my face. Then I noticed it looked like it was going away. I showed my husband, Dan and he agreed. It didn’t look so “angry” anymore. That’s when it happened:

My lightbulb moment

I literally shot out of bed when the idea came to me: I have to share that by this practice that takes 30-40 seconds out of your day, you will at least feel better about your body and get the love flowing again. Instead of being mad at your body for having wear and tear, not looking like it did when you were in high school, start appreciating it for the hugs you are able to give and receive. Instead of criticizing your butt for not being bootylicious enough, thank it for always having your back!

Also, remember we all have something about our bodies we don’t like. Even those gorgeous models, TV personalities, movie stars talk about “that one thing.” So recognize it for what it is, and let’s just start a loving conversation. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t care? You were having too much fun! Let’s take care of ourselves because it’s fun, because it’s an act of love and because it enables us to keep having fun.

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