Settling into school: Tips for both the kids and you!

  1. Relax! The most important of all. It might seem like a busy, unfamiliar time but there’s nothing that can’t be handled.
  2. Be organised. Get uniforms, bags and lunchboxes sorted out in advance. This means you won’t be rushed, and your child will have a chance to get familiar with all their new gear. Everybody wins!
  3. Make sure your kids know the basics: their way around the school, where you’ll drop them off and pick them up, and who their teachers are.
  4. Have a healthy after school snack ready to go. Kids tend to raid the pantry as soon as they get home, so make sure they’re filling up on something good for them! We love Fangks chocolate and strawberry drinking mixes in a milkshake. It tastes like a treat, but it’s sugar free so the kids are actually enjoying a healthy snack!
  5. Be enthusiastic and positive. On the first day, send them off with a cheerful goodbye (even if you’re feeling a little bit emotional!). It’ll get their year off to the start they need.
  6. …but not too enthusiastic. Talk through any concerns as they arise, don’t brush them off in an attempt to try to keep the conversation upbeat. Remind them that everyone gets nervous about school sometimes, but you and their teachers will always be there to help them.
  7. If your child is moving to a new school or class, try to organise a playdate with a new classmate. A familiar face makes the transition that much easier.
  8. Make sure they get plenty of sleep. If you’ve even tried to get a tired, cranky kid off to school you’ll know that it’s no fun for anybody. Be firm with bedtimes, especially in the first few weeks (and even in the last few days before school goes back).

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