Share Your Home to Gain The World: The Benefits of Having an Au Pair

As a parent, it is so comforting knowing that your child is well-cared for, while in their own home environment. No more rushing in the morning to get them ready and out the door; no more racing through their routines so that you can get through everything you need to in your day.

Having an au pair is not only convenient and cost effective, it is also extremely beneficial for your children’s learning development. An au pair means that you are able to have dedicated care, known as primary caregiving in your own home. There are so many benefits of primary caregiving, but the most significant for your children’s learning development is the emotional security, empathy and wellbeing it can provide.

Au Pair Link‘s Education Manager, Cherilynn Buckingham says, “As research in recent years has suggested, young children strongly benefit from being in a home environment with nurturing, responsive relationships. These reciprocal relationships are vital in ensuring early brain development, which builds the foundation for ongoing holistic growth. Welcoming an au pair into your home provides this relationship and is a rich learning experience for everyone involved. At Au Pair Link, we treasure the long-lasting and meaningful relationships that our au pairs, families and children develop with one another.”

Children develop a strong sense of trust when they know that their unique personalities or temperaments, needs and interests are being supported and their relationship with their primary caregivers are strong and secure. These close relationships mean that children are able to gain the maximum they can from each different environment and the opportunities they experience, therefore having a positive effect on their learning outcomes.

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