Share Your Home to Gain The World: The Benefits of Having an Au Pair

Welcoming an au pair into your home provides this relationship and is a rich learning experience for everyone involved.

At Au Pair Link, we have Programme Managers who are qualified and registered early childhood teachers, to support you through every step of your placement, from the minute your au pair arrives in your home. With this level of experience, we are able to create programmes that are unique and individualised to each child, family and au pair.

To enable children’s learning to be truly supported, it is optimal to have low ratios and reflect learning experiences around their interests. Children are motivated to learn, by sharing in activities that are meaningful and engaging for them. Having quality ratios like you do with an au pair, means that they can slowly introduce new concepts to your children at a pace and in a way that they will understand. Au pairs are able to guide children through their feelings, positively guide their behaviour and work through their host family’s unique aspirations, for their individual children.

Our au pairs come from across the world to experience our unique culture in Aotearoa and implement our world-renowned early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki with your children. So, as we say at Au Pair Link, why not share your home, to gain the world.

Since 2006 Au Pair Link have been connecting busy Kiwi host families with loving au pairs from all corners of the globe. With a mission to provide high quality early learning and care in a secure and loving home environment, they now have hundreds of families enrolled in their early learning programmes. Their nationwide presence also means their families and au pairs benefit from a personal, safe and reliable service throughout New Zealand.

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