Spring Clean

Photography:Opal Imagery

By Sally Saint

In the UK, there are reminders of the start of spring. Daffodils are abundant, this joyful and joy-filled flower stands tall and true, bright yellow like the sun. Lambs are a regular sight in the fields and the birds seem to be singing louder and truer, all calling to us of the subtle growth of spring. 

Yet there is a pace to nature, a gentle flow and flowering that reminds us and calls to us of our own true nature. Flow. 

When I became a parent, my world opened up and cocooned all at the same time,. The growth of my baby walked hand in hand with the shrinking and death of my old life, my old way of being, even my body. All changed, with the new, and with it came the inevitable letting go of the old. 

Here too we all stand right now, our heart drums to us a new rhythm. After the slowing down of the pandemic, we feel different, we are different. As our heart says to us step out as YOU now, we also have to say goodbye. Goodbye to what was. 

You see in the pandemic, we gave birth to US, a deeper connection with our core, who we truly are, and what we truly want. It is like our hearts and souls were suddenly so close to us, at the very time our worlds shrunk with the restrictions and rules and even the fear.  

The place called home whispered to us, that which is deep inside and ever-constant.  

So as you too are called by mother nature by the spring energy, know also you are walking with goodbyes. Letting go of wintertime, letting go of the things that were not even you.  

The baby that grows in our arms reminds us of our own innate truth: to grow we must continue to let go. The baby is naturally drawn to expansion, expression and always letting go of the old way. Murmurs give way to words, the crawl that is so desired is let go of when walking is mastered. Always growth, always letting go. 

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