Stylish Baby Shoes That Actually Stay on Your Baby’s Feet!

The best footwear for babies is bare feet, but soft soles are the next best thing for protection in our modern environment.

Little Loup is a new baby boutique specialising in premium leather baby shoes. Loup is french for wolf and pronounced “Lou”. All of their designs feature fashionable details with a trend towards a minimalist aesthetic for the stylish baby.

Little Loup’s shoes are breathable and comfortable for babies. The natural leather insole molds to your baby’s toes and the soft suede sole provides a flexible, anti-slip surface which is optimal for growing feet. Perfect for pre and first walkers, for special occasions like first birthdays and christenings, along with everyday wear. Babies are notorious for kicking anything on their feet off however Little Loup’s shoes stay put!

Introducing Little Loup

Nice to meet you! I am CJ, a new mum to Layla and I am absolutely loving motherhood! I am on maternity leave from my day job as a doctor and I am grateful for slow days at home with my baby. Blessed with some spare time while Layla naps and seeing a gap in the NZ affordable baby shoe market, I created Little Loup. I am a mum who no longer spends money on myself but has a daughter with an overflowing wardrobe, and I am sure I am not alone in this!

When I first started Little Loup, my dear daughter was waking 2-hourly at night. So this tired mama attempted to get Layla into a routine during the day. This resulted in her napping for four hours a day! With lots of spare time at home (and not wanting to spend it cleaning my house) l was able to let my creative juices flow. I try not to work while she is awake, as I want to be present with her without looking at my laptop. She is growing so fast and I love to spend our time together actively engaging in creative play (and cuddles).

That said, I pride myself on shipping orders out the next day so Layla has been privy to the fulfillment stage. I love being able to artfully package every order and send every piece out with a handwritten note.

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