The Basics of a Low-Tox Lifestyle

By Shay Lawrence

Low-tox living is all about making conscious choices to reduce exposure to harmful toxins to benefit your health and your children. Read on for simple low-tox steps to integrate this mindset into your life.

Step 1: Clean Out Your Cleaning Cupboard

Common household cleaning products may increase exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. But, by switching to greener, more natural alternatives, you can reduce the presence of these chemicals in your home. 

The cleaning cupboard is a great place to start in the early stages of moving to a lower-tox lifestyle. Consider the chemicals present in these items and research whether natural alternatives exist for these, as well as how accessible these are. 

The cleaning cupboard is a great place to start in the early stages of moving to a lower-tox lifestyle.

Though it may take a little extra work to find them, low-tox options are often available. You may even have some of the ingredients for these at home – for example, diluted vinegar can be used to clean kitchen counters rather than harsh chemicals! It works just as well from a hygiene perspective, and we put this solution into a spray bottle, making it super easy to use. As a bonus, this formula (and most natural alternatives) is safe for little ones, even those extra curious bubs who like to eat food off of or even lick the countertop! 

Step 2: Switch To Reusables 

Many single-use plastics, like grocery bags and straws, have already been removed from common circulation. This is just the beginning of going plastic-free. So many reusable products are available now to help you achieve a low-tox lifestyle; from Reusable Wet Wipes and nappies to kitchen and personal care products, the breadth of options out there makes it possible to phase out single-use products from your life one item at a time. 

These reusable options often contain fewer chemicals than disposable alternatives, which are likely made of plastic containing BPA and other harmful substances. Removing these from your cupboards and routines can reduce the chemicals you are exposed to through these items. Adopting reusables will reduce the waste you are producing – a win for you and Mama Earth! 

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