The Little Outlet: Quality, Stylish, Affordable Babywear 

The drive: What challenges have you overcome?  

Most business owners must start somewhere near the bottom, from scratch. Sure, some people buy an already successful business with all of the processes and manuals already written and developed, but for us we did start from scratch and, with little to no business management experience, we had to sink or swim. We had to learn all about how to run a business to create a customer service manual, an order fulfilment process, a stock ordering process and a business plan that was adaptive to our growth. As the business has continued to grow, we continue to be challenged, from alternative marketing strategies to supplier concerns and of course delivery issues with COVID-19. 

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?  

Pros outweigh the cons in the long run, and if you can see that from the start then you are on your way to making your dream a success. Pros include independence, freedom to make decisions, freedom to work when and how we want, watching our idea grow and develop – much like a child – and creating our own wealth.  

Cons are not being able to please all customers all the time. Sometimes you will just get that one that will never be satisfied with your product or the way you try to resolve their issue, but at the end of the day, you still give those customers 110%.  

In the beginning, you will work much harder and longer then you probably would at your day job and you may not get paid or see a profit for a while after sinking a considerable amount of capital into your idea. But sacrifices need to be made, along with market research, a little risk and in the end, if you are passionate and stick it out, you will reap the rewards.  

Hopes and dreams: What next?  

We are moving towards selling NZ made products in order to support NZ business, especially after COVID-19, and we are constantly looking for new brands to work with, because ultimately, we see The Little Outlet being New Zealand’s largest and most trusted baby and toddler clothing store, offering the greatest range of locally manufactured and imported products of the best quality and at affordable prices.  

The Little Outlet – not so little….  

To find out more and to view their full range of products, visit The Little Outlet website and join their community on Facebook.  

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