The Necessity of Healing

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The most important thing is to take time for you; without a beginning there can be no resolution, no breakthrough.

Now as you grow and shift you may be preparing for your next baby, your next birth. A commonality between women that I’ve worked with is a feeling of never being completely ready after a loss, never feeling completely fearless, and that’s OK. It’s how you will choose to honour and deal with that fear. In facing those raw emotions you gain power over them.

It is surrounding yourself with people who will remind you of trust and
love when you begin to feel consumed by fear, people who honour your
vulnerabilities while recognizing and reminding you of your strength. Perhaps this is your partner, family members or friends, perhaps a doula who knows birth and the interconnectedness between loss and life, because birth is an intense journey, even without having experienced loss. It is incredibly powerful and often necessary to birth in a place where you feel absolutely safe, held, where you feel you can be as you are without interruption.

Claim the experience as your own, regardless of what happens. Prepare for the uncertainty of it, of feeling comfortable while experiencing discomfort and feeling in control by releasing all control.

Photo Credit: Sacred Postpartum

So as uncomfortable as it is, begin to explore all of the emotions during pregnancy. Release anything that doesn’t serve you, with love. Call in strength and trust, call in joy. Take the time to connect with your story, with the baby you’re carrying now. Perhaps hold a Mother Honoring ceremony for your journey into motherhood that began when you very first conceived, or a Mother Blessing ceremony for the mother you will become. Connect with your partner, honor their story and what they need in order to be a part of this next positive and empowering experience. And when the time comes and labor begins, throw logic out the window, lean deeply into your heart space, your primal knowing, and prepare for the most miraculous celebration of transition and welcoming, blessed be!

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Marisa Wright is a Birth and Postpartum doula, Educator and Mama of two beautiful boys. She holds Mother Honoring and Mother Blessing Ceremonies as well as Positive Birth and Birth Trauma Support Circles in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.For more information please see:

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