Success is in the planning…sometimes

By Lisa Cheaney- Hogan

Somehow, January 2018 was 7 weeks long and now next week is March?!

Am I the only one who is feeling this?

2018 hasn’t come without its trails and tribulations, as for many young families it seems. Just like most, I was hopeful when December 31st rolled around, a quiet New Year’s Eve as we closed in on another busy year.

December rounded out the year with illnesses and viruses for the little ones and an overwhelming holiday season for all. 2018 was here and we were determined to make it a fresh start! Four days in, our 16 month old was sent to the emergency room and was admitted and treated for pneumonia which was then later determined, bronchiolitis.

OK, not the start I had hope for but lets try again!

Week 2 comes…ear infections and fevers beyond Tylenol-suppressing-temperatures.

OK, lets try again…

Week 3 and 4…three more trips to the emergency room AND my husband and I also got sick. I walked into the family doctor’s office/walk-in so frequently that I no longer needed to provide them with identification. I seriously questioned why I was working full time and prayed for those lottery numbers to appear. I struggled to find joy in the little things and was falling into that negative-mind-thinking-trap.

That is when I decided…a new year and a fresh start DOESN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN ON JANUARY 1ST!

See next page for the rest…

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