The Sleep Revolution That’s Catching On 

‘It definitely gives us confidence in what we’re selling – if we haven’t had children ourselves yet,’ says Xanda, who does digital marketing work and also attends expos. ‘I’ve bought several swaddles for my pregnant friends, as I’ve come to believe in the product so much, and I just think – what gift could be better for a new parent than sleep?’  

But the team – and the parent following – has faced several blows this year in the form of a crucial shipment being extremely delayed, leading to low supply of core Love to Dream products, especially for winter.  

‘We had a shipment with a lot of our winter stock ready to hit the water when the six-week Shanghai lockdown began,’ explains Lydia who is the website manager for Love to Dream NZ. ‘Eventually, it got to a point where we couldn’t supply shops with many of the products and sizes they wanted to order, and our Love to Dream website also took a hit,’ she says. ‘It’s been really hard letting down parents who were desperate to get their children into our Warm 2.5 TOG swaddles for winter.’ 

Xanda (left) and Hannah (far right) talking with parents-to-be at the Waikato Baby Expo

It also meant stock levels were low for the Waikato Baby Expo and quickly sold out, Lydia explains.  

Remarkably, three separate shipments, which are usually spaced out over the year, are now all set to arrive around the same time. The first of these has just come in at the start of August, with the others expected during the month. Among them, a range of exciting and loveable new prints.  

Favourites of the team include the Safari Swaddle Up™, which is a 1.0 TOG rating (ideal for a room temperature between 20-24°C), making it the perfect ‘all year round’ swaddle and an adorable baby shower gift! 

The other team favourite is the Silly Goose Winter Transition Swaddle Up™, which is a 2.5 TOG rating (ideal for a room temperature between 16-20°C). It’s a tight race between all the new styles, so to decide for yourself, check out their website for the full range. 

New arrivals! The Safari Swaddle Up and the Silly Goose Winter Transition Swaddle Up

If you are new to Love to Dream and want to learn more, check out the following resources:  

♥  An overview of the 3 Stage Sleep System™  

♥  A free downloadable PDF educational resource: Essential Guide to Healthy Sleep Foundations – a collaboration between Love to Dream Australia & paediatric health professionals and certified sleep consultants. 

♥  Ultimate Swaddle Guide: Quantity, Size & Season 

Head to the Love To Dream™ website to find out more, and to see their full product range. You can also follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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