This is how I want you to grow up

This is how I want you to grow up. 
Playing with second hand toys, wearing op shop clothes and odd socks. 
Finding happiness in not what you wear but who you are, supporting others and helping the environment. 
I want you to learn to appreciate things, to be compassionate and comfortable in your own skin.  

This is how I want you to grow up. 
With a hands on father, one who teaches you things and tucks you in at night.  
Understanding that there are good men, safe men and loving men. 
I want you to appreciate his love, his affection and his kindness.  
This is how I want you to grow up. 
Watching me speak, watching me listen and watching me do. 
Understanding I’m always there, knowing I want the best for you, keeping me accountable. 
I want you to witness my wins, learn from my mistakes and know that I’m doing my best. 
This is how I want you to grow up. 

After the birth of her little girl, Lottie, in December 2018, Emma Heaphy’s life completely changed. It sounds cliche, but it is her reality. Formerly a career driven family lawyer with massive goals and an unhealthy work life balance, the slow paced, messy mum life was what she needed to stop her in her tracks and allow her to regroup, slow down and just appreciate the small things in life.

She is now proudly a stay at home mum and in the last few months has reignited her passion for writing. She is no longer using her words as evidence, time recordings or file notes as she did as a lawyer but as a way to record her journey through motherhood, pregnancy and everything between. She likes nothing better than recording her thoughts, motivations, pet peeves, highs and lows through real, raw and unfiltered articles, poems and memes about raising her daughter on a farm in New Zealand.

She blogs through her instagram @hangingwiththeheaphys, her Facebook page and her website

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