To My Child: I’ll Be Here Whenever You Need Me

Photography: Victoria Gloria

By Proud Happy Mama

I’ve been sitting and watching you as you play outside. You’re covered in dirt. You have a huge smile on your face. You’ve been making up your own games. Running around. Exploring. Using your toys as props to inspire and create wild stories. You are having a fantastic time just being a kid.

I can’t help but smile every time I look across. Your happiness is infectious.

As I sit and watch, you make a point to look up and wave so I know where you are. And every now and then you come past to check in. Sometimes to make sure I am ok and sometimes just to make sure I am still close by.

For now, you are only small, but you have a sense of courage and independence that is growing by the day. I am grateful to see the incredible person you are becoming.

Though with that courage and independence, our relationship is changing. There are many things I once did for you, that you now no longer need me to do.

You no longer need me to carry you everywhere we go, though at times I still do. You no longer need me to lay with you to till you fall asleep, though at times I still do. You no longer need me to read you stories, though at times I still do.

You see my sweet child, I know as you grow, so does your confidence, your self-assurance, and your independence. And I am so proud to see you flourish. Yet, selfishly I know your reliance on me will become less and less. A part of me wants you to stay little forever.

But, no matter how old you grow, I know there will still be times that you need the warmth, love, and security of my arms wrapped around you. Of knowing that I am here just for you.

And in those moments, my sweet child, be sure to know that I will be there for you. Just as I am now. Just as I always will be.

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