Two Strategies for Strong Immunity

Supplement if you need a boost, e.g:

19.     Good quality cod liver oil or fish oil.

20.     Probiotic (if you’re not fermenting foods).

21.     Prebiotic, e.g. inulin, psyllium husk, green vegetables (fibre), herbs – preferably homegrown.

22.     Vitamin C, kakadu plum (gubinge), lemon myrtle or camu camu.

23.     Zinc and magnesium.

Other tips:

24.     Responsibility. Take back control. Your health and your family’s health is in your hands.

25.     Be consistent and patient. There is no quick fix.

26.     Try therapeutic grade essential oils if they feel right for you. They smell amazing and are a perfect way to stimulate the senses. When we feel we heal.

27.     If your or your family’s immunity is low, work with your health practitioner to give it a boost. Within a matter of weeks you can notice a difference.

Kate’s immunity building resources:

Now you’re ready for your healthiest season yet!

What’s your favourite way to boost immunity?  I’d love to hear.   

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After working as an executive in professional services, Kate Barnes started her global business as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business. Kate runs an online program, ‘Our Happy Children‘, a leading education program for deeply nourishing families and building strong immunity, great energy and preventing illness. For more information visit Kate’s website, like her Facebook page for loads of daily inspiration, healthy tips and more recipes and follow her on Instagram:  @kate_barnes_health_coaching.

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