What Are TICKS Babywearing Safety Guidelines?

By Brooke Maree

Safety is the #1 priority when carrying your baby, no matter the age of your baby or how experienced you are.  
You need to do a TICKS safety check every time you set your baby up in your carrier, wrap, or sling. 

❤️ TIGHT – The sling should be tight with your baby positioned high and upright. You should be able to comfortably let go and have your baby fully supported by the material. Any loose fabric may cause your baby to slump down, restricting their breathing. 
💚 IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES – You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply looking down. Ensure your baby’s face, nose and mouth remain uncovered by the sling and/or your body. 
💜 CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS – Your baby should be close enough to your chin that by tipping your head forward you can easily kiss your baby on the top of their head. If you are extending your neck down to kiss your baby, they might be too low. Having them high is not only safe, but helps your comfort levels too by supporting your ergonomics. 
💛 KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST – Ensure your baby’s chin is up and away from their body. Your baby should never be curled so that their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict breathing. Regularly check your baby. 
💙 SUPPORTED BACK – Your baby’s back should be firmly supported in a natural position with their tummy and chest against you. When bending over, support your baby with one hand behind their back. 
Constantly monitor your baby while carrying them and check your carrier, wrap or sling often for any wear and tear. 
Keep safety front of mind and enjoy carrying your precious baby! 

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Brooke Maree is one of Australia’s leading Babywearing Educators, Co-Founder of the Australian Babywearing Association, and Country Leader of Kangatraining Australia. She is passionate about advocating for babywearing safety and best practice and seeing all parents using their baby carrier with comfort and ease. Brooke is available for personalised consultations, workshops and trainings, and on social media providing endless resources and top tips! Find out more about her services at www.brookemaree.com.au.

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