Why Feeling Understood is Important For Your Wellbeing

…I tasked myself with writing my own manifesto. I very rarely sit to reflect on me. Just me.

I want to do less of…

What doesn’t add value to my life. I promise I will practice this more and be honest with myself about what I really want to do.

I want to do more of…

What makes my body feel good. My health is important to me and I need to give myself more time to do the activities I want to do.

I cherish…

The friends and family that I can share my deepest, darkest and brightest feelings with. These people make me feel inspired and loved, and very very lucky.

I promise…

To give myself the pep talk I need when I’m feeling I’m not stacking up, because what I actually know, is that I am awesome at my job, at the projects I take up, being a mum and a partner. I need to worry a lot less. I promise to continue living gratefully and give where I can and find nourishment when I need it.  If I’m not understood, that’s OK, because at least I know myself.

Take a few minutes today and experiment with your own manifesto!

Sabrina Scalfari is co-founder of Well Made Mama along with Megan Connolly, a website devoted to helping women explore the way the science of human behaviour can help a modern mother adapt to her new role. Well Made Mama believes that child care begins with mother care, and that the health of the world begins with the health of its mothers.

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