Why I Love Being An Adult Unschooler

5) I get to live life with the people who mean the most to me.

This isn’t meant to offend anyone, but I do feel sad for people who have to leave their kids all day, nearly every day to work, and miss out on so much cool stuff that their kids are doing, or just simply not being a significant role in the learning portion of their life.

I feel bad for everyone who has to worry about school shootings and bullying. That is no way to live and I refuse to have it be a part of my reality. And yes, I have made a lot of changes and shifted my lifestyle dramatically to have it be this way.

I love watching my son learn new things and how his face lights up when he does something new. I love to discover who he is becoming and I want to be there for that. I want to be the one influencing him, not someone(s) I don’t know.

I want to be with him (most of the time) and so I do things that allow for that. I would way rather spend time with my family and friends than co-workers (except some of my friends and I even work together now, so that’s fun). I love that family day is just about every day (or whenever I want), not one day on the weekend or one week during the holiday. I love that I can go over to a friends house at 11am on a Tuesday. We only live this life once (as far as I know) so spend it with those who mean the most.

“When I’m asked why we unschool, it’s hard to explain without generalisations. It’s hard to capture the reasons because there’s no short answer. It’s the little things, it’s the big things, it’s the things we inadvertently take for granted.

It’s the sleep ins, the days unfolding naturally and slowly.

It’s freedom. Freedom to play, explore, make mistakes, take risks.”


Of course, life isn’t always perfect and it never promised to be. Obviously, I find myself as an adult sometimes waiting forever in line at the post office, or in a bureaucratic mix up. With a child there has been sleepless nights. I am not claiming it’s all bliss and happiness, but rather, I have given myself the freedom where I have the power to, and try to use the rest as opportunites for growth. As much control as I have taken over my life, life isn’t about always being in control, and sometimes the best thing to learn is how to surrender. It’s a dance…

Do you unschool? Have you ever thought of yourself as an adult unschooler? Do you now after reading this? Share your thoughts down below!

Chantel Quick is a wellness educator and an expert in plant-based nutrition. In 2013 she completed a coaching program and is now a mentor for women in helping them experience more pleasure in pregnancy and into motherhood. As a trained birth doula, she is passionate about empowering women with evidence-based birth information so that we can collectively change the way we view birth. She is a work-at- home mom to a 2.5 year old son whom she gave birth to in the comfort of her own home. Chantel lives in Austin, Texas. You can find her blog at Earth Based Mom

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