Lowering the Toxic Load Without the Freak Out!


It’s about progress, NOT perfection. Making small changes is better than making no changes at all, so don’t get overwhelmed by what you think is expected of you and how you ‘should’ be living. Do what you can within your capacity, and take time phasing things out so it’s sustainable over the long term (if that’s what you choose to do) rather than a total shock that flips your world upside down. One. Step. At. A. Time. This is what will work better for most, rather than rapid and major changes.

You should feel really good about the conscious effort you are making in whatever form that may be for you, and know that for everyone that’s different. Kudos to you for caring about what may affect your health and the function of your body, the environment, and those you love. It’s not on everyone’s radar, so props to you! Living consciously will only ever take you great places!

And remember, while some may be all about their beeswax wraps, and aluminum and glass everything, others still use plastic and are trying to limit the excess paper towels and Glad Wrap we use each day… ya know, different journeys, different priorities, different messes, different LIVES. So don’t compare yourself to Mr or Mrs Whatsit down the road, or in the wholefoods aisle… just do you, and do you REALLY well.

With small changes over time you create lifelong habits and form new beliefs and ways of being and doing… before you know it living a low-tox life will be second nature to you!

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