Tips To Gently Care For Baby’s Skin

There are also some things to consider when you’re getting baby ready for the day with a bath and getting them dressed. Try a bath that’s not too hot or cold, and wash and dry gently. When weather is changeable and you’re choosing clothing to take them out in, it’s useful to pick layers of soft clothing that protect them from too much sun or wind. These layers can be removed or put back on as needed.

Baby massage is another lovely thing you can do for baby – as well as a caring touch for their skin, it can also be a special time to bond. For their skin, it can help to choose an oil that’s moisturising as well as soothing – ecostore’s baby oil has black currant and almond oils and mums can also use it on their own skin.

One last tip for baby skin care is to look for products that are made to closely match the oils their skin naturally produces, and that won’t strip these natural oils when it’s applied.

If you want home and body care products that are safer for you, your family and the world, then you want to be shopping at ecostore. You might be expecting your first baby and need your home to be a real haven – safe, clean and genuinely nurturing. Perhaps caring for the environment is close to your heart, and you’re looking for products that make a real difference by guarding the world for the next generation. Or your priority might be keeping well each day and making our products part of a healthful life.

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