Breathe in, Breathe out, with Plant and Share’s Baby Calm Balm

Ever feel stressed out, tense or tight when your baby or toddler is having a meltdown? Ever just needed to pause and take a moment to yourself amidst the chaos, confusion…the love?

Well, I have and so too have many of my Plant and Share customers. Plant and Share botanical Baby Calm Balm was created to help me pause, ‘breathe in and breathe out’ during and after these moments; and so I could massage the balm on myself and on my baby (now a preschool boy).

The Baby Calm Balm was developed with my respect for the simple act of touch as healing, the powerful act of inhaling the calming properties of lavender and Roman chamomile and, then, breathing out, and letting go of expectations, trusting it would be okay.

As a new parent, I found there was so much information, sometimes helpful and other times overwhelming. The Baby Calm Balm became my go-to for times I needed to rest and simply couldn’t, when there were major tears or sometimes because I needed to take a moment to look after myself and the baby in my arms. Baby Calm Balm became a part of my day, our nights and I saw how beneficial it was for my customers needs. Now, with my son of preschool age, there are times I reflect on how hard I was on myself in those early days. Whether it was my baby’s sleeping habits or my perception that other mums had it totally sussed, I felt stressed. There were times I doubted myself and yet now I know other women felt they were somehow bluffing their way through what they believed was meant to be oh so natural. Baby Calm Balm helped me care for myself, my baby and it still does.

Recently, I helped myself and our son learn how beautiful and enticing bedtime can be. Simply embracing bedtime (which I previously dreaded) meant the pressure on myself, him and our nighttime routines could ease. I started saying to my son: “Bedtime is my favourite time of the day – I get to chat, read, kiss and cuddle you.” It transformed our evenings and allowed more time for my partner and I to enjoy being parents together.

As we all know, there are many factors that go into a baby sleeping, toddlers learning bedtime routines and that allow us as parents to trust our instincts and reach out for help when needed. I know that Baby Calm Balm can be part of helping care for you, your child and your home life. The magical synergy of lavender and Roman chamomile combined with a light silky blend of sunflower oil, coconut oil and beeswax is soothing, nourishing and simply, kind. Valued customers and colleagues let me know early on in its development how the Baby Calm Balm transformed their lives. It is nourishing to hear. Kim Corley, Sleep Consultant from Cherished Sleep, said she “loves Plant and Share Baby Calm Balm for those extra tricky nights when your baby is overtired and teething. It’s great to help calm the senses.”

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