10 gut friendly, healthier party food ideas that kids will actually eat

  1. Popcorn – it takes 3 minutes to make your own. Keep it simple with real butter or coconut oil and sea salt. Or add some nutritional yeast for extra goodness and flavour.  Steer clear of microwaved popcorn as it is filled with trans fats and additives. 
  1. Chocolate bliss balls or slice – you’ll find my favourite nut-free bliss ball recipes here. No time to roll balls? Just pour the mix into a lined tray, smooth and flatten out and pop in the fridge. Once it’s cool and firm, slice into squares! 
  1. Cheesy zucchini slice – here’s my favourite, easy party-friendly zucchini slice recipe – works well with gluten free flours. I omit the cheese in this recipe and replace with nutritional yeast and an extra egg.  
  1. Vegetables! Crunchy capsicum, sweet cherry tomatoes, crispy carrot sticks or fresh baby cucumbers. Serve them with a yummy dip and you’d be surprised how many kids will eat them when you pop it on their plate (slice the cherry tomatoes for younger kids). And if not, the adults will certainly appreciate having healthier options!  
  1. Choc banana ice-creams or banana split! Cut a frozen banana in half, insert a popstick and roll in melted dark chocolate (this is usually dairy free so check the label). Sprinkle with shredded coconut. Or slice a banana down the middle and drizzle with Loving Earth’s Chocolate Coconut Spread and shredded coconut. So simple – and delish! 
  1. Cake! It wouldn’t be a kid’s party without a cake – but there’s no need for the artificial colours and flavours that are present in so many store bought cakes. Use colourful fruits, cake toppers, mini toys and decorations to bring colour to the cake. Here’s one of my tried and tested favourite cake recipes – gluten, nut and dairy free and oh so delicious! Or look for a wholefood cake supplier that makes coloured cakes using natural ingredients – shout out to my favourite local supplier Blissfully Baretreats. This fabulously talented raw patisserie made our boys a beautiful rainbow cake – check out her amazing work here
  1. Lolly bags – So many parents I speak with either hide or bin the lolly bags after parties, or swap them for something else the kids like. When we are hosting kids’ parties, we include just one or two sweets (like a plain chocolate) along with other fun items such as toy cars, coloured pencils or stickers.  No complaints from the kids, and keeps the mums happy too! Let’s be more mindful about lolly bags and send kids home with a natural high rather than a sugar filled high.  

So there you have it – 10 healthier, yummy options for kids’ party foods that won’t leave them with a tummy ache.  

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Sofia Potente, Health Educator and founder of The Natural Switch, teaches women how to improve their family’s gut health, and create healthier, happier homes, using essential oils as a tool. She offers online workshops, natural remedies and non toxic solutions for gut friendly, allergy friendly homes. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook for more information. 

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