5 Aussie kids’ albums that parents will love too

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By Haylee Hackenberg

Prior to having my first child, I was known to sanctimoniously declare (amongst other things) that MY children would NOT be listening to any of that kids’ music rubbish. MY children would only listen to carefully curated playlists, carefully selected to enrich their musical knowledge and calm their little brains. I know, I want to slap my child-free self too. Deep in my pit of sanctimonious bullshit, I overlooked a major factor in my decision. Kids LOVE kids’ music. And what’s more, some kids’ music is actually brilliantly enjoyable, for children and adults alike. So, here is my carefully curated playlist of Aussie kids’ music, for the times when I can’t stand another round of Baby Shark: 

The Teeny Tiny Stevies – Helpful Songs for Little People 
Useful Songs for Little People 

Featuring such helpful, useful songs as ‘Pass the Sunscreen’, ‘I Ate a Rainbow’, and ‘Boss of my Own Body’, the Teeny Tiny Stevies deliver exactly what they promise. The sound is fun and upbeat without reaching Baby Shark levels of enthusiasm, and we use so many of their phrases around the house now. “Put them away, put them away, I can help you put them away” is a personal fave. Special mention to ‘Family’, which has been known to make this mama cry on numerous occasions.  

Dan Sultan – Nali & Friends 

What a gift this album is. Combining storytelling with catchy tunes, and a good dose of humour, Nali & Friends tells the story of Nali, the bird with the broken wing, and her ramshackle friends. My kids collapse in laughter over “Bindi the Windy Gorilla” and Dan’s voice is so engaging and soothing, it’s perfect for witching hour. Co-written with Rhys Graham, the stories were inspired by their journey through Uganda and Kenya working with The Thin Green Line Foundation – an international organisation that provides welfare and support to Wildlife Rangers. 

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