5 Reasons Why You Need a Natural, Healthy and Low-Tox Home

Despite the fact we spend 90% of our time indoors, our homes are rarely thought about as a contributor or causative agent to illnesses like asthma, allergies, mould sensitivities and chronic illness.

3 – Minimise exposure to chemicals in our home

Chemicals are everywhere now! There are millions of man-made chemicals, most of which have never been assessed for their impact on human health, especially at low doses over a long period of time.

The main toxic chemicals we use everyday in our homes can be found in air fresheners, fragrances, deodorants, perfumes, candles, plastic items, household cleaning products, food packaging, aluminium tins, laundry cleaning products, cookware, plastic bottles, plastic toys and personal care products.

Latest evidence shows that heavy metals, some plastics, flame retardants, pesticides and solvents are linked to a worldwide epidemic of childhood learning and behavioural problems.

4 – To prevent the occurrence of water leakage, condensation and mould

Mould growth and dampness in a home is due to excess moisture or condensation, high humidity, water leaks or weather events. In addition, since the introduction of energy efficient measures in 2003, 40% of new Australian homes now suffer from condensation- and mould-related issues.

Moisture issues within a home can cause significant structural damage, create conditions for dust mites and termites to thrive and also create a huge health risk to your family.

Exposure to mould and dampness can present as either asthma, mould sensitivities, allergic response, infection, immune disorders, chronic illness and chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

A healthy home has good breathable building design, great ventilation, mould-free bathroom and kitchen design and “mould aware” domestic management practices, to keep mould at bay.

5 – Saves you money

No one wants to be see a member of their family struggle with any illness. With the cost of GPs visits, allergy tests, blood tests and drugs to manage symptoms, it can all add up.

The home as a causative factor is rarely asked about, let alone tested for at your local GP visit. By avoiding mould and using natural materials and natural cleaning products throughout your home, furniture and furnishings, you are reducing your family’s overall toxic burden and risk of developing future health issues. Illness prevention is by far cheaper than the cost of a cure or symptom management.

We cannot escape from chemicals and toxins these days but we can control our own homes. Very few people are aware of the common toxic and chemical burden found in our homes. By addressing our homes we have a much better chance of reducing our family’s overall toxic load.

Lisa Coulburn is a healthy home designer, interior designer and interior architect, specialising in helping families or parents-to-be find or create natural, chemical-free, mould-free and healthier homes.

For more information about creating a healthy home, contact Lisa at Natural Modern Interiors on 0405 253 437 or visit www.naturalmoderninteriors.com

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