The Missing Ingredient In Our Pre and Postnatal Care

Photography: @ariellemarnie
  • Do you want to enter parenthood feeling empowered?
  • Aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so you can respond rather than react to stressful situations?
  • Mindful of your needs for a healthy mind, body and spirit, so you can feel balanced and focus on being the connected parent and teacher that you want to be?
  • Are you ready to be part of the change for a judgement-free, understanding and kind parenthood?

There is one major thing we tend to miss in our prenatal and postnatal care. That is the mental preparations for the major life changes we are about to experience as we go from woman to mother, man to father, couple to family.

Parenthood brings out excitement, fears and CHANGE. Changes to your relationships, your sleep, your routine, your time, your body. Unfortunately change is something our mind naturally doesn’t like and it will try to fight or run away from, so without learning how to respond to those emotions rationally we can be left feeling a little lost during the adjustment phase while our hormones and emotions are running wild. Change is inevitable during life transitions and we can in fact prepare for it. Our mind acts just like a muscle so we can spend a little time training it, connecting to our intuition, reflecting on our core needs, values and beliefs and by developing our self-awareness as part of our prenatal and postnatal care.

For the Love – A Gentle Transition is an affordable, self-paced, online life coaching and mindfulness course to make that transition as gentle and empowering as possible. The course is live today, and you can enroll now at

You will take a look at:

  • The power and connections between your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • What are limiting beliefs and how they can hold you back.
  • Finding your balance for a healthy mind, body, spirit.
  • Let go of control and learning to be flexible.
  • Help you respond to judgement or unwanted advice with love and gratitude.
  • Help you set boundaries.
  • Connect with your intuition and use it as a tool to making the right choices for you and your family.
  • Everyday mindfulness techniques.

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