Amazing Teacher Uses Costumes as Teaching Tool, Bringing Learning to Life

Ever since having that first experience with creating the dress I had an awakening to my teaching process. It was time for me to keep a daily spark with my students. Not just randomly through holidays or special occasions but ALL the TIME! Isn’t that what I am supposed to do as a teacher? Stink yes. The answer is stink yes.

I have made more outfits than I can count but some examples would be dressing as a princess for learning about fantasy stories, or hot gluing books to my dress to learn about key details within a story, every color tutu imaginable for learning every color of the rainbow, dressing as the Cat in the Hat for Dr Seuss’s birthday week, a number line dress to learn numerical order, a dice dress with dominos on it to incorporate manipulatives into learning addition. The list goes on and on because I believe every outfit brings the lessons to life. It is my job to not only give the students knowledge but incorporate a way the students KEEP that knowledge. I believe the outfits help tremendously because they never stop talking about them. 😏

Do you have a teaching style? We hear a lot about the American education system and how it really doesn’t work for everyone – that there are students that need to be engaged in different ways. Do you have any comments about that?

I am a firm believer in the love and logic method and I have lived it in my teaching world since day one. I know that if the students don’t feel wanted and loved within a classroom environment they will not care to want to learn either. So as my rendition of the cute saying goes “first comes love… then comes reflection and then comes and education full of application.” (Instead of love, marriage, and a baby in a baby carriage).

I also believe using the different methods of teaching is vital. Incorporating the kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners is my daily focus. Students of all ages learn differently and if I reach all three types of learners I have mastered teaching on so many levels. My outfits, songs, dances, poems and spice I put into teaching and in life reach my array of learners and I feel good knowing I can assist and accomplish their needs in the most fun way imaginable.

I even created a 21-day challenge for myself to help “spark” the beauty of education, and I wanted it to be a token to uplift all teachers. For my state, Oklahoma, this has been a very trying time and next week may begin an even harder time to fight for what we believe in: our kids and a beautiful education for those wonderful kids. Instead of promoting any negativity, to promote positivity and give myself a 21-day challenge to be a better teacher. Not only for my stamina but for the stamina of the students and their “want” to continually learn.

I am but ONE teacher, but I am a force, helping accomplish goals for these little wonders of learners.

Isn’t she amazing? You can find ShaRee Castlebury on Facebook. If you know a teacher that goes above and beyond, please let us know! 

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  • ShaRee is so amazing! The way she keeps her students engaged by keeping it so interesting is wonderful. One in a million!

    She also has a dream to be on Ellen, and she can certainly be an inspirational story. Can anyone help her get the attention she deserves and get her on Ellen?

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