Amazing Video of Yogini Practicing Advanced Yoga While Breastfeeding Her Toddler

Carlee Benear | Instagram @carleebyoga

By Hannah Schenker

Do you practice yoga, mama? Do you have a daily sadhana, rolling out the mat even though you’re also pretty occupied and busy, what with all the breastfeeding and babywearing? Did you know you could combine these things together, and carry on breastfeeding your baby through into their toddler years, all while doing Scorpion pose?

Yeah, we didn’t either. But one mama can.

Texan yogini Carlee Benear has graced our website before (we shared some of her incredible yoga-breastfeeding photos HERE). But recently she’s been going viral thanks to one of her latest yoga videos, shared on her Instagram page, which really gives you a sense of both her strength as a yogini, but how amazing that she can breastfeed while she’s at it!

Carlee says about their journey together:

“In our stage of nursing, right now, we are at all day. She wants to explore the world and figure out how things work, but needs a boob to tug, hug and plug while she soaks it all in. I’m always here to support her and , as you can see, she supports my needs too. This 18 months has been a wonderful bonding experience with her. As I sit here to write this, she is content next to me stroking my arm while I breathe through my passing thoughts. It’s also not every day that we are so in sync as this 👌. ”

Here it is (as seen on Beauty Pop):

Since posting the video on Instagram (just 5 days ago) it’s had a whopping 80,438 views – clearly she’s making waves.

Some think it’s just a stunt for Instagram/online audiences, but we can see the awesomeness within it – this mama has continued to breastfeed to 18 months (and is still going), and she’s sharing that openly with the world.

Doing well to show people that it’s normal and natural to continue breastfeeding as long as your child wants to.

Oh, and doing a little yoga while you’re at it…

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