Baby Blues

By Jess Urlichs

I sit on the hospital bed as a new mother, which I became in mere seconds, to a perfectly healthy baby. 
The river running down my face must mean I’m ungrateful. 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

The congratulatory messages flood in. 
“You must be overwhelmed with happiness”, “enjoy every minute”. 
It’s not their fault, I’ve said it too. It’s what we say to new mothers isn’t it? 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

Look at what I have! I don’t deserve to feel sad, let’s throw that emotion in the corner, with the postpartum underwear. 
Nothing to see here. 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

Why do I feel like a prisoner? 
Why are these four walls closing in? 
You have a roof over your head, you have a lovely home. Some people live on the street! 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

My body feels different, it looks different. 
But many women would kill for your silvery stripes, the lines of motherhood, look at what it gave you! 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

I have a husband who steps up, he is the definition of the word father. I know some women struggle without support. 
See? You have it so good! 
“Mama, wipe away those tears” 

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