Barefoot or Soft Sole is Best: Encouraging Natural Foot Development

When a child first learns to walk, shoes aren’t really necessary anyway, and socks or going barefoot will allow their foot to continue developing naturally. The muscles in their feet will gradually strengthen, developing all the musculature as well as the dexterity of their toes.

Of course, if you are outdoors and on rough surfaces and you want to protect their feet from the elements, choose lightweight soft-soled shoes that are malleable and flexible and not restrictive – like these from Little Leather which also feature an elasticised ankle to keep them in place.

When selecting shoes for your child look for a completely flexible sole and a wide and deep toe area. As their feet grow faster than you can keep up with you’ll need to be vigilant as their feet grow to change the sock and shoe sizes.

If you are in any doubt, talk to your local podiatrist for advice.

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