Be Vibrant: Brighten Your Energy Naturally

The products you’ve chosen for your business are varied; what is the common denominator in all the products you choose? What is the intentional process to go through when choosing products to sell? 

They are all products and brands I know and love, and will use myself if needed! Everything I’ve selected is something that I see playing a part in supporting a healthful, balanced lifestyle. Some support physical and emotional health, some are along the lines of supporting more sustainable living as part of precious planet we occupy, and looking after her ecosystems – we’ll be continuing to expand this range. You could say the products we select can hopefully help us to “be our best selves”.

I’m constantly discovering new and amazing products! I think about whether I’d use it and pay for it, and then test out the value.

All our products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly are doing incredibly well. I think this reflects where we are in 2018. This year started off feeling so full of positive energy to start to shift the future to be the one we want to create for our offspring, rather than the one we’ve been hearing about for 30 years.

Which skincare do you use personally and why? 

It’s actually been changing all the time while I test different ranges we want to bring on! I’ve been using Living Nature recently as we brought on the range and I’m a huge fan of their beautiful facial oils. And I’m about to switch back to some amazing, locally produced products that we are looking to launch under our own brand.

If there is one small change people could make to their lifestyle to make the world a better place what would it be? 

I’m going to go micro here. If you don’t compost and don’t have a collection, but have a tiny bit of space, then start! If you already compost – you’re already perfect. Just remember to skip and dance and sing out loud.

Are you wanting to Be Vibrant and brighten your energy too? Head on over to the Be Vibrant website to check out the full range, and follow Be Vibrant on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and offers. 

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