Best Upcycling Activities to Do With Your Kids

5. Kleenex Box Monsters 

Save your used tissue boxes from being tossed into the trash. Turn them into fun toys for your kids instead. This activity allows your kids to use their imagination. Their creations can also be something they show off to their friends at school.

Try to find boxes with a fun pattern. This way, you can reduce any potential mess by supplying your kids with construction paper and buttons instead of paint.

6. Bird Feeder 

All you need is a plastic bottle, wooden spoons, yarn, and some birdseed to make an upcycled birdhouse. Here are the steps to take to create your bird feeder:

  1. Poke holes on opposing sides of the bottle. 
  1. Push the spoon through one hole into the other. 
  1. Repeat this process for the rest of your spoons. 
  1. Pour the birdseed into the container. 

This activity is a helpful way to get your kids outside.

If your child enjoys learning about nature, it can also turn into an educational moment. Plus, it’s a project that can last for an extended time before being thrown away.

7. Piggy Banks 

This is a fun way to repurpose items such as cardboard and glass jars. Creating a piggy bank also teaches your children the value of money. Being able to handle money responsibly will be a valuable skill for them later in life. It can also teach them how to save up their cash.

Upcycling Can Be Fun and Environmentally Friendly 

Spending time with your kids creates lifelong memories! And upcycling is an excellent way to connect with them while helping the earth. Consider these upcycling projects the next time you’re looking for a fun family activity.

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