Beyond the Physical: Healing Energetic Imbalances with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Melbourne-based Jackie Gagalovska has moved from healing people in a mainstream Western medical model, to the energy-based healing modality that is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). “It is about nourishing the heart and soul, and in TCM that is called a person’s Shen.” We spoke to Jackie to learn more about how she got started with her business, Shen Nourishing.

Jackie Gagalovska and family
The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

It is based on my memories of healing during some difficult times in my past. Now when I seek healing both in a physical and spiritual sense I find the proactive capacity of Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM) keeps myself grounded and capable of agility to manage and handle all of life’s challenges.

As a young adult, I ventured into the study of Western medicine and I have worked in this industry for some time, however was always open to exposing myself to different methods in looking after myself. A very special healthcare professional helped me realise that my personal healing came from within and all I had to do was look deep and acknowledge my vulnerabilities.

There is a quote that resonates with me… “This is a success story based on love and the willingness to go deeply into yourself, and to move from confusion to happiness.” – Alice Epstein

I became very curious as to the methods used in my treatments with this practitioner and decided that I wanted to understand it better, so I enrolled into the four-year degree. Very soon my heart opened to the techniques and methodology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before I knew it, I was positive that I had found what I was here to do and to help patients heal and hopefully be as good a practitioner as she is. She is still one of my practitioners now.

After five years of study, I am now a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia.

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

I have just recently graduated from this very intense but amazing degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so I am right in and amongst the “beginnings” of this path of natural healing and starting a business.

My first steps are to create my own personal space to capture my healing energy to help others. I now have a wonderful space that I am setting up that is full of warmth and familiarity for me. I am sure that my clients will feel that “fuzziness” too.

What I love the most about TCM is that to help heal, we look beyond the physical symptoms of an illness and focus on the energetic imbalance; emotional and spiritual levels.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

I think this is based on my purpose and having enough time left in my life to touch as many hearts as possible and help them with their personal healing. What I love the most about TCM is that to help heal, we look beyond the physical symptoms of an illness and focus on the energetic imbalance; emotional and spiritual levels.

The “mind” has a major role in health and healing, it is not necessarily the brain alone but also what dictates thought and controls emotions. It has an important role in regulating memory and controlling a person’s will, imagination and perception of things – ultimately the spirit. This foundation is how I base my treatments. I find where the blockage exists and help allow its movement to occur naturally.

Acupuncture can bring the body into a state of stillness where the mind and heart are quietened and centered. The body then begins to heal itself.

“Health depends on a state of equilibrium among the various factors that govern the operation of the body and the mind” – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

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