Crab & Whale: Introducing Mindfulness to Children Through Stories

Crab and Whale by Christiane Kerr and Mark Pallis, illustrated by James Cottell

An imaginative and engaging way to introduce mindfulness to children.

One day Crab is walking along the beach when Whale becomes beached on the shore. Whale starts to worry and panic but Crab kindly helps Whale to keep calm by teaching her to breathe gently like the sound of the sea. As they drift off to sleep the tide starts to rise around them and the next day Whale is able to swim off once again.

Children’s lives are changing and mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in primary age children. Mindfulness practices are emerging as a practical antidote, enabling children to healthily manage the daily stresses that have become a part of modern life. Many school are now introducing these practices as a way to build resilience; giving children internal resources, helping them to cope with difficulties and challenges. Young children are innately mindful, recognising and naming these skills allows them to develop upon this foundation.

The Mindful Storytime series does this through carefully crafted, fun and engaging stories. With story one, Crab & Whale, exploring Kindness, each book will be based around a “Frame of Mind” that make up mindfulness practice. We use the qualities below to gently introduce mindfulness skills such as awareness of breath, body and our surroundings:

  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Curiosity
  • Generosity
  • Gratitude

“A truly heartwarming story celebrating kindness and gently introducing children to the life-changing power of mindfulness.” – Sir Anthony Seldon, former Headmaster & mindfulness in schools pioneer

My 5 year old loved this story, and it gave us the opportunity to explore how we could bring kindness into our life. We now practice breathing together if she is scared or anxious.” – Sarah Mackenzie, Parent

“A lovely way to introduce mindfulness to early years and KS1” Rosie Beharrell, Primary School Teacher

These stories are written by Christiane Kerr, of Calm for Kids and Mark Pallis. Christiane has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, parents and teachers for over 20 years and is a successful audio book author. Mark is a writer who has written episodes of the award winning Peter Rabbit TV series.

Crab & Whale will be available on amazon from February 12th.

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