Working Mums – Reclaim your Identity and Embrace Who You Have Become

Life Compass

She walks the talk, Katherine Roodt of Life Compass offers life coaching designed for working mums to embrace who they have become and avoid burnout. She believes that if there is a healthy mum, who can raise healthy kids all contributes to a healthy society.

Who am I? Can I find the woman I used to be? The one full of vitality, full of shine, full of laughter. I missed her so much, and the harder I looked & the more I tried, the further my former self seemed to slip away.  I was trying so hard. In fact, too hard.

What if she is gone forever? What if there is no hope?   As a working mum, these were the thoughts were constantly coursing through my veins…it was not a pretty time in my life, nor my husbands, nor my kids. Role model?  Yeah right!

Having been a working mum myself for over 9 years now (I know my first hits double digits next year!!) I understand like many of you that working and raising a healthy family is hard work.  My name is Katherine Roodt and I help working mums reclaim their identity and embrace who they have become.

There is more and more burnout than ever before, so much so that the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared burnout as a diagnosable disease; which can be as mentally and physically draining as many other illnesses. 

A Belgian study believes work burnout is strikingly similar to parental burnout…I’ll just let you sit with that thought for a moment!

And as we hear of more and more kids becoming disconnected, how is it any wonder when we as mothers have too much on our plates.  (and I am not saying Dads get let off here, this is merely looking at things from our side of the equation.)

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

My journey as a coach began over 17 years ago when I met and worked with my first coach.   I started with career coaching and soon realised that I believed in more than just work and that people were so much more than just a job.  So I set out to gain qualifications as a life coach. I have continued to hone and develop these skills over the years. I continue to work with people in all areas of their lives. 

The Innovation: what was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

I knew I had to be my own best coach – practice what I preach!!  Sounds simple I know -so I set out and got myself a lifecoach and things finally started to fall into place..slowly but surely!

I needed someone to hold me accountable; it was far too easy for me to slip into my ‘old’ ways of doing things.  My habits which were killing me softly had unfortunately become second nature, so I needed to kick those to the curb and focus on the positive outcomes I so desired for myself and my family.  WOW, what a difference this made!

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